Nexen Roadian A/T RV - 235/75R15 105T

Origin of brand: (South Korea)

Tire Produced: South Korea (South Korea)


Nexen Roadian A/T RV Tire

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Technical Information

Width: 235 mm

Profile: 75%

Rim: 15" (381 mm)

Wall Height: 176,25 mm

Outside Diameter: 733,5 mm

Standard Rim Width: 6.5 inches

Rim Width Range: 6-8 inches

Speed Rating: T 190 km/h 118 m/h (?)

Load Range: 105 925 kg 2039 pounds (?)

Tread: Symmetrical (?)

Directional?: No (?)

UTQG: 500AB (Compare treadwears)

Treadwear: 500 (?)

Traction: A (?)

Temperature: B (?)

Silica compound?: Não

Type: All Terrain Tire (A/T)

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Treadwear Comparison Table (105T)

Treadwear Brand
440 Pirelli Scorpion ATR
460 GT Radial Savero AT PLUS
460 GT Radial Savero HT Plus
500 Aeolus AS02
500 Nexen Roadian A/T RV
500 Sailun Terramax HT
520 Pirelli Scorpion STR
520 RunWay Enduro HT 2
600 Kumho Road Venture APT KL51
600 Marshal Road Venture APT KL51
640 Kumho Road Venture SAT KL61
640 Marshal Road Venture SAT KL61
640 Marshal Solus KR21
680 Kumho Solus KR21

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Certificates (?)

Inmetro (Brasil)

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