Nexen CP661 - 215/70R15 98T

Origin of brand: (South Korea)

Tire Produced: South Korea (South Korea)


Nexen CP661 Tire

Illustrative Picture

Technical Information

Width: 215 mm

Profile: 70%

Rim: 15" (381 mm)

Wall Height: 150,5 mm

Outside Diameter: 682 mm

Standard Rim Width: 6.5 inches

Rim Width Range: 5.5-7 inches

Speed Rating: T 190 km/h 118 m/h (?)

Load Range: 98 750 kg 1653 pounds (?)

Tread: Symmetrical (?)

Directional?: No (?)

UTQG: 400AA (Compare treadwears)

Treadwear: 400 (?)

Traction: A (?)

Temperature: A (?)

Silica compound?: Sim

Type: Passenger

More Tire Information

Treadwear Comparison Table (98T)

Treadwear Brand
220 tri-Ace Steady-33
400 Dunlop Digi-tyre ECO 201
400 Kumho Radial 798
400 Nexen CP661
400 Nexen SB702
440 Hankook RA07
440 Toyo Celsius
480 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422
600 BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport
740 Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring
780 Cooper CS5 Grand Touring

What's the highest Treadwear for tire size 215/70R15?

Certificates (?)

Inmetro (Brasil)
CCCs (China)
E4 (Europa)

Pictures of the tire

Tire Nexen CP661

Tire Nexen CP661

Tire Nexen CP661

Tire Nexen CP661

Tire Nexen CP661

Tire Nexen CP661


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