Yokohama A035 - 185/65R14 86Q

Origin of brand: (Japan)

Tire Produced: Japan (Japan)


Yokohama A035 Tire

Illustrative Picture

Technical Information

Width: 185 mm

Profile: 65%

Rim: 14" (355,6 mm)

Wall Height: 120,25 mm

Outside Diameter: 596,1 mm

Standard Rim Width: 5.5 inches

Rim Width Range: 5-6.5 inches

Speed Rating: Q 160 km/h 100 m/h (?)

Load Range: 86 530 kg 1168 pounds (?)

Tread: Asymmetrical (?)

Directional?: No (?)

Rim Protector: No (?)

Type: Competição

Pictures of the tire

Tire Yokohama A035

Tire Yokohama A035

Tire Yokohama A035


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